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Preamble. Pacific is distinctive in its unique combination of qualities. It began as a Congregationalist school for orphans from the Oregon Trail, and developed into an exceptional liberal arts college. Now in its current combination of graduate teaching, graduate health programs and the undergraduate college, Pacific's focus on teaching and learning in a close mentoring environment leads to genuine transformation in students' lives. Close links between the liberal arts college and our renowned professional schools give the University a unique character. The emphasis on public service and on developing cross-disciplinary skills creates life-long learners willing to further the public good. The small size of the University provides for a friendly atmosphere, and the capacity to be flexible and open to change. Students, faculty and staff alike are drawn to Pacific by its commitment to the global community, and by its welcoming environment.

The Mission. Pacific is a nationally recognized University devoted to excellence in teaching and learning. A commitment to collaborative scholarly and creative activities promotes a vibrant academic culture. Our campus community is enriched by embracing sustainable practices, by appreciating diverse perspectives, and being dedicated to civic engagement, both locally and globally. 

To bring these ambitions to life, we

  • Promote a rich atmosphere of intellectual exchange, and encourage faculty and students to follow their academic interests. Teaching and Learning
  • Provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to engage in scholarship, and creative activities, and to produce original work that animates and advances our disciplines. Scholarship
  • Embrace sustainability, and use the University as a learning laboratory for sustainable practices. Sustainability
  • Value diversity, both in culture and opinion, and encourage an attitude of openness and discovery among students, faculty and staff. Diversity
  • Challenge campus members to involve themselves in the needs of their communities, whether locally or globally. Civic Engagement

Approved by the Board of Trustees
March 7, 2009

Forest Grove Campus
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR  97116
United States

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